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Reye's Syndrome
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National Reye's Syndrome Foundation
426 N Lewis St
PO Box 829
Bryan OH 43506
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Monday through Friday EST

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In 1974, the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation, a health advocacy organization, was incorporated as a 501(c)3 charity,
whose mission is to eradicate the incidence of Reye's Syndrome.

Why Join Our Efforts to Eradicate Reye's Syndrome?

Child with Reye's Syndrome

Because NO child should ever have to suffer this!

Need we say more?
Join us! Become a Member and Support Reye's Syndrome Awareness and Education! Join Us!

Other Little Helps

We offer several Fundraising Programs that we invite you to participate in, which cost you nothing yet generate funding for the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation's programs. 100% of all funds are spent on Awareness materials and educational programs. The NRSF does not solicit funds from the government, and we rely solely on contributions from folks like you to support our awareness programs.

Help with GoodSearch!

You search, shop, dine and share, and they give to the NRSF! Downloading the NRSF Good Search - Good Shop Toolbar generates dollars for the NRSF as you search and as you shop.
Every time you shop online at your favorite stores you save money with special coupons and earn a donation for the NRSF's awareness programs.

Recycle Cell Phones for the NRSF

Go Green. As the largest grassroots cell phone recycler in North America, GRC Wireless Recycling has contributed over $10 million to participating organizations. You can send your old cell phones to us, or use the link below to get a pre-paid shipping sticker, (no cost to you) and send the phone directly to them on our behalf.Recycle for NRSF!


Sell on Ebay and Designate the NRSF as Your Charity of Choice, Donating a Percentage of Sales through MissionFish to the NRSF.

For more information, our eBay home page is located here: NRSF Ebay MissionFish Home Page

Your Own Fundraiser

Of course, if you have something else in mind, like a Bake Sale, or a Walk-A-Thon, or any A-Thon, contact us for support materials: Email Us, or contact us at 1-800-233-7393

The Gift of Membership

Don't know what to get for that "hard to buy for" someone? Gift them a NRSF membership! A gift that keeps giving all year long! We'll send a special Membership Card with our beautiful new Logo Lapel Pin to your gift recipient. They will receive our bi-annual newsletter, and receive a welcome card from us with a bit of information about the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation and Reye's Syndrome. To give the gift of Membership, click here.

Planned Gift Giving

The Foundation can provide you with Estate Planning / Gift Giving Pamphlets and Brochures, or you can download your own workbooks and information at our Gift Giving Site at Email Us, or contact us at 1-800-233-7393 for more information.

NRSF Programs:

Awareness - to aid in the early detection of Reye's Syndrome, and to educate the public and medical communities about the risk factor involved with the use of aspirin. To conduct awareness programs, the NRSF has brochures, bulletins, television and radio public service announcements, documentary and video/DVD presentations, widgets, blidgets, an App, websites and a blog.

Service - to give the families experiencing the personal trauma of Reye's Syndrome emotional support and guidance.

Research - to support investigation into the cause, management, treatment, and prevention of Reye's Syndrome, as well as study the impact the disease has had on survivors.

NRSF Yearly Programs NRSF Major Accomplishments
136,000 Annual School Mailing: Each year the NRSF mails out a notice to more than 136,000 schools across the United States, reminding School Nurses and Personnel to download our School Package for parents and caregivers.

Baby Fairs and Health Fairs: Every year the NRSF supports Baby Fairs and Health Fairs across the United States with Reye's Syndrome information.

Bi-Annual Newsletter: Twice a year, our 'In The News' comes out with Reye's Syndrome information and updates, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. This publication has been available to members and donors for more than 37 years.

Student Projects: Whether student nurses, or doctors, or junior and senior high students, we support their projects and provide Reye's Syndrome literature and videos free for the asking.

Reye's Syndrome Awareness Month: September is always Reye's Syndrome Awareness month - just in time for kids to go back to school! Working with our School Nurses, we get the word out: Kids and Aspirin Products DON'T Mix!

Membership Drive: Our annual membership drive co-incides with Reye's Syndrome Awareness month, and anyone who joins the Foundation as a member receives a free Reye's Syndrome Awareness ribbon magnet like the one above!

Become a Member and Get a Free RS Ribbon Magnet!

Demanded and lobbied for mandatory warning labels on all over-the-counter medicines containing aspirin.

Produced and distributes the award-winning Reye's Syndrome documentary "Reye's Syndrome: A Real and Present Danger."

Developed and produced television and radio public service announcements featuring National Spokespersons, Dick Van Dyke, and Other celebrities have.

Establishes affiliates located throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

Produced and distributes a medical DVD entitled "Reye's Syndrome And It's Mimickers"
-- Only available for medical professionals.

Up-to-date websites, blog, widget, and blidgets.

Created the Android App: Aspirin Sense and Sensitivity

Published 4 books: NRSF: A 35 Year Memorial hard copy book, available on our website, and 3 other e-books about Reye's Syndrome and coping with chronic illness and death, available for all e-readers at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, and whereever ebooks are sold on the Internet.

2011 ~ We worked with the FDA to encourage Bayer ConsumerCare HealthCare to remove the term" baby aspirin" from all marketing and packaging so as not to confuse consumers. Bayer agreed, and as of June 2012 - there will be no aspirin on retail shelves across the United States with the term 'baby aspirin' on the packaging.

1973, at 2:35 on Palm Sunday morning, a beautiful little five year old dies of Reye's Syndrome.

Her parents vow to find out what this mysterious disease is, and to find a cause and cure, so other children and their parents don't have to suffer like their child and family. The National Reye's Syndrome Foundation was born.

Children across the country were dying from this mysterious disease, and parents began contacting one another and finding the Foundation. Fundraising began for research, and the first Reye's Syndrome Research Laboratory was established by the NRSF at Ohio State University in 1980, with Dr. Brian Andresen as its lead researcher.

By this time, the Foundation had established a Board of Directors, 70 plus chapters across the United States, yearly meetings, a Scientific Advisory Board, Research Grants, a Medical Director, and was compiling Reye's Syndrome data.

In 1981, after extensive investigation, the CDC and the Ohio State Health Department issue warnings against the use of aspirin in regards to Reye's Syndrome. Epidemiology tests are showing that aspirin can trigger Reye's Syndrome.

The NRSF enrolls Dick Van Dyke, who lost a granddaughter to Reye's, as NRSF Spokesperson and begins producing Public Service Announcements for radio and TV, warning parents about Reye's Syndrome and the use of aspirin.

Dr Andresen
Spokesperson Dick Van Dyke Other celebrities have also participated with the Foundation by making public service announcements and TV spots about Reye's Syndrome, warning parents about the aspirin link.

The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, along with Legion and Auxillary Posts across the United States came together to assist the NRSF in getting the message out:

Kids and Aspirin DON'T Mix!

Many celebrities and politicians donated their time to support the NRSF initiatives. All are mentioned in our NRSF; A 35 Year Memorial book.

The NRSF has accomplished all of this, and more, without seeking government funds. Instead, we rely on the kind heartedness of donors for the support of all programs. We always have, and we always will.

Other celebrities have
In 1986 the FDA mandated Reye's Syndrome warning labels on the back of all aspirin products. This was an enormous achievement for the NRSF, given this act alone, continues to save the lives of children today.

And today, with a solid 38 year history of achievement and performance, the NRSF continues its Awareness and Service programs, advocating for healthy children, and watching over the aspirin industries, with the deeply ingrained commitment of eradicating or curing this horrendous disease, once and for all.

We invite your support. We invite you to join us. We invite you to be a part of our commitment.

Android Apps & eBooks The NRSF Blog School and Health Department Packages - Free! Talking to Tweens and Teens About Aspirin and Other Medications Join the Effort to Eradicate Reye's
We've created an App for the Android phone and tablets all about Aspirin, from lists of products containing and not containing aspirin, to drug interactions with aspirin, to diseases that aspirin negatively impacts...Learn More Our Blog is a great way to learn even more about aspirin and children, and get tips and hints about a range of things all centered around Reye's Syndrome and aspirin...Learn More The Foundation makes a special Reye's Syndrome Information package available to Schools, Health Departments, Human Resource Divisions, and to anyone who would like Reye's Syndrome information...Learn More Helping themselves, and sharing meds is a serious issue with Tweens and Teens. They do not realize the dangers involved, and often think OTC drugs are harmless. Talk to them about drugs, and Reye's... Learn More Through Awareness and Education, we can drastically lower the number of Reye's Syndrome cases. To do this, we need your help...Learn More


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In 1974, the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation, a children's health advocacy organization, was incorporated as a 501(c)3 charity, with a mission to eradicate the incidence of Reye's Syndrome.
The Foundation does not receive, nor seek, government funding, and relies on the generosity of donors for support of all programs.
National Reye's Syndrome Foundation 426 N Lewis St. Bryan OH 43506 800.233.7393